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Postpartum Care

What is Postpartum Care?

Postpartum care is a type of health service focused on addressing the needs of new mothers. Pregnancy and childbirth take a toll on your physical and mental health, even when everything goes according to plan. Mothers who experience complications during labor and delivery often have additional postpartum care needs. 

Postpartum care visits focus on ensuring your body heals properly after the rigors of childbirth. These services are important regardless of whether you delivered your child vaginally or through Cesarean delivery.

You also receive the guidance and support you need as you settle into your new family structure. Mental health is a strong area of focus for practitioners who care for new mothers. Most importantly, postpartum care is highly personalized and designed to meet your unique set of needs.

What kinds of issues can be addressed by Postpartum Care?

Just as every pregnancy and childbirth experience is different, your postpartum care needs will also be unique. Some of the issues commonly addressed during postpartum care visits include:

  • Ensuring proper healing after childbirth

  • Getting enough rest 

  • Enhancing your nutrition

  • Getting the right amount of exercise

  • Breastfeeding challenges

  • Creating new routines

  • Checking for signs of postpartum depression

  • Stress management

These are just some of the care needs new mothers experience. At 4th Trimester Place, practitioners also acknowledge and respect the needs of fathers and partners during the transition into parenthood and offer services to all members of your family. 

When should I come in for Postpartum Care?

You should begin receiving postpartum care shortly after coming home from the hospital. Your schedule of visits depends on your specific needs, so you might come in more or less frequently than other new parents. 

You should never hesitate to reach out to 4th Trimester Place for guidance when you encounter any problems or troublesome changes. No one knows your body better than you, and the practitioners at the practice are always here to help. 

Booking a visit is as simple as a few moments online or a quick phone call. You can even have a telemedicine visit to address certain needs. Just call to ask which option is right for you. 

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